About Tim Hodgins

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Tim Hodgins’ absolute passion has always been racing and cars. From a very young age he spent countless hours at the local race tracks with his family and friends inspiring this fascination.  Who would have known that one day his intense enthusiasm would advance the drag racing composite body industry in such substantial and important ways. His road to becoming a composite innovator would take a winding road, after graduating secondary school, Tim enrolled in the Canadian Automotive Institute at Georgian College. Tim Hodgins college experience provided him a wealth of knowledge in the automotive arena; even his mandatory co-op placements always seemed to somehow stretch into other racing realms, satisfying his continual desire to be absorbed in all things racing. One college placement lead him to Performance Engineering with David Billes and his son Al, these gentlemen were proven champions within the Indy Car and Drag Racing teams and thus exposed Tim to a very high level of racing ability. Here he learned the true value of a dollar and hard work required from behind the scenes, this experience ultimately set a foundation for how he operates his own business today.

Picking up 16x NHRA Champ John Force from the Airport for a match race.

In 1995 Tim graduated from Georgian College with a diploma in Business Administration – Automotive Marketing. His next move was acquiring a position for a year as a Marketing Manager with London Motor Sports, known as “St. Thomas Dragway” today. In the short time he was there, through sheer hard work and determination, Tim Hodgins developed his solid reputation with the top race teams from both Canada and the United States. Many of those relationships would translate into a  customer base in the years ahead with Cynergy Composites.


With Nitro Funny Car Driver Chuck Etchells


Responsible for handling of the track sponsors, Hodgins was soon lured away to one of racing’s biggest national sponsors, SKOAL Inc. He recalls the best part of the job was being responsible for the motorsports budget for Southwestern Ontario, which still kept him close to the racing scene. While he enjoyed his work with the company, Tim couldn’t help but feel something was still missing.


Tim Hodgins’ Next Steps

Once again, his racing contacts in the industry lead him to begin working for a London company Hi-Tech Controls, a growing industrial automation company building special purpose robots for tier-one and tier-two automotive suppliers. It seemed like a great fit for Tim Hodgins. He could sell, he was technical and he learned the industry ins and outs very quickly, helping take their business to a much higher level. During this time Tim also married his amazing wife Julie, who has been his biggest supporter throughout his journey and has been behind him 100%. As time went on, he became more restless and those thoughts of needing to do something different returned.  

Learning to "Pack the Chutes" with Nitro Legends Jeff Arend and Jim Bailey on Al Billes' New Alcohol Funny Car.Those thoughts eventually guided Tim to good friend, Wilf Myers of Artcal Graphics, who asked Tim for some help on some of his old cars. This would be the ultimate stepping stone that Tim Hodgins needed to add fuel to his niche. Wilf gave him the opportunity that he needed to explore his creative and innovative side. Tim started researching composites and took courses in Resin Transfer Molding and Aircraft Composites Repair. This is where he really started gravitating towards composites.

Pursuing more knowledge of composites took him to Joe Van Overbeek, an area race car builder that is a Al Billes' New Alcohol Funny Cartrue pioneer composite bodies and components. Tim leveraged it all and went to work for Joe and luckily found his true calling with composites.  After a year together, Joe was convinced that Tim had the skill and potential to be successful with composites, so he suggested that take the ultimate leap and go out on his own. Hodgins left Joe’s in 2001 and Cynergy Composites was born. They still enjoy a sturdy working collaboration today.   

Cynergy has come full circle.  What Tim has created is a company that not only provides the best composite products in the world, but he has also become the leading expert on composite problem solving.  A resolute “one-stop-shop” for all things composite.