Our greatest strength is composite problem solving for our customers. Our success is rooted in our firms tenacious ability to solve the unsolvable.

Cynergy Composites takes customers ideas and visions and turns them into a composite finished product. We can help all businesses large and small. Composites no longer belong to the biggest corporations.

Bentley Decklid for SCFI (1) Bentley Decklid for SCFI (3) Bentley Decklid for SCFI (7)

The Composite Revolution

Composite technology is relatively new, most companies try to incorporate lightweight composite products into their manufacturing processes without success – the reason: many attempt the product design with the historical metal technology. Composites are not metal, they are fabric and resin based. Cynergy Composites has 15 years of experience of turning customers visions into a reality of cutting edge composite parts: General Motors,  FCA (Chrysler), Magna, Frank Stronach Center for Innovation, Chevy Performance, Military and Defense Surveillance, and many others around the world. If they can trust us, so can you.

Conquest Steering Wheel Trim (5) Conquest Steering Wheel Trim (1)