About Cynergy Composites

The Beginning

As the brainchild of Tim Hodgins the two are extremely intertwined. Tim Hodgins breathes Cynergy Composites and couldn’t imagine doing anything else for a living.

Cynergy Composites began in 2001 and became incorporated in 2002. Tim Hodgins focused Cynergy Composites around quality; which allowed parts to virtually sell themselves. This extremely high level of quality products was something that Tim worked to instill in every single one of his employees to make it a company core value.

One of the very 1st things Cynergy Composites did was buy a hoodmold from Joe for a 1998 Firebird. It was called0-400x225 an SMC hood (Sheet Mold Composite). Tim Hodgins made a complete replica of this hood in carbon that weighed only 15lbs saving almost 30lbs on the hood weight. This hood was sold to his very 1st customer named Mike Pustely of MPR Race Cars. (Almost fifteen years later, he’s still a valued and loyal customer.) The car went on to set the National record and won the US Nationals at Indy. It passed all technical inspections without any issues, amazing since it was not a factory hood like the other racecars. Cynergy Composites went on to sell a lot of these hoods as well as other parts for drag racing cars.

Tim Hodgins was never comfortable staying in one spot however, and would ask himself “What next?”

Next Steps

What was next ended up to be a Pro Mod car from Australia in 2004 that provided a “balanced” look that was often missing in the racing world. From this Cynergy Composites made full body molds and quickly sold 16 bodies that everybody loved. This created a passion for making full bodies for doorslapping racing cars. Cynergy Composites work was getting high praise from many people in the drag racing industry with top clients such as the Sheik of Qatar who over the years has gotten 16 bodies from Cynergy Composites.

With the automotive industry downfall in 2009, it was something that would unavoidably hit Cynergy Composites, leading Tim Hodgins to sell his body molds to Tim McAmis in 2011. This allowed for another great avenue for Hodgins however, as he has maintained a great relationship with McAmis still producing several body concepts over the years.


Venturing slightly away from the racing industry allowed Cynergy Composites and Tim Hodgins to focus on other areas that have a lot to gain from composite parts. The company received various contracts for small run productions and prototypes in areas ranging from tubing for robotic parts to wheelchair ramps to fuel injection systems to outdoor art projects to elevator panels and everything in between.

Cynergy Composites has a high focus on research and development and never wants to remain static. We believe in constantly moving forward and finding new avenues that can benefit from our products. We have strong ties with the University of Waterloo focusing on the Engineering school and finding new innovative ways for composites to be used.

Cynergy Composites Today

Cynergy Composites moved to its current location in 2004 and with ten employees working multiple production shifts in the 6000 square foot location. Having sold to almost every continent (Antarctica would be difficult), Cynergy Composites is finding itself close to the brim in the current location and is excited for the day when business requires a larger facility. As part of the green initiative, lighter products making a variety of industries use less power and be more efficient, Cynergy Composites is only continuing to grow, never be comfortable staying still and constantly pushing the boundaries for what composites can be used for.